How bad could a RECESSION get in 2023?

How bad could a RECESSION get in 2023?

The ‘Risk-Aversion’ Misnomer

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Financial advisers often discuss investors who are “risk-averse.” But people, on the whole, are not terribly averse to risk. We are, on the other hand, extremely averse to loss.

Infrastructure Bonds – Is It a Good Investment Option?

Infrastructure bonds are tax savings bonds issued by corporations associated with the Government of India. Recently, the government of India granted approval to Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) and Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) to issue infrastructure bonds.

Comparison Of Long Term Investment And Short Term Investment

Investment is a term which is generally used by those who have surplus amount of money that has been left after fulfilling all of daily needs. However this is a very general definition but from business point of view, investment is something that will give you more output in the future if you spent some money at present. Generally there are two types of investments.

Investing in Second Lien Mortgage Notes Guide for the Note Buyer

There are different strategies and choices when it comes to investing in mortgage notes for the note buyer. Among one of these choices is the lien position the actual mortgage note is in when purchasing a mortgage note for sale.

The Best Safe Investment in 2010?

As the UK heads into a period of extended inflation, low interest rates and volatile stock markets, investors are looking for safe investments to preserve and grow capital. Many investors are turning to gold as prices continue to rise due to an increasing demand from investors, but more savvy money men consider farmland to be the safest investment in 2010 as demand for food continues to rise and a severe shortage on the supply side continues to push up prices and create safer investment returns. Farmland is considering a safe investment as it is a renewable resource, constantly reproducing…

The Best Inflation Hedge – Farmland Or Gold?

Farmland is an almost perfect inflation hedge investment, as agricultural land values have continued to rise for the last ten years. There has in fact not been a single seven year period that farmland values in the UK have fallen since record began, and as the demand for food is rising at the fastest pace in history, the next seven years is extremely unlikely to be the first time that happens.

Amarillo National Bank – Find the Best CD Rates 2010

Amarillo National Bank, one of America’s best banks offers the citizens of America with several facilities and benefits. Here you can invest your savings and consequently the interest rates that you would get from it are high. In fact, you would get absolute security by investing in this bank.

Private Equity Firm Database – What Is Included?

Not all private equity firm databases are created equal. Within the PE industry there numerous resources available for individuals looking to increase their media circulation, increase their capital raising and continue to cultivate relationships within the private equity space. Due to the high volume of firms within the industry, systems have been created to help categorize and input contact information on both the businesses themselves and key personnel within the firms.

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Private Equity Firm Database

The following article is focused on exploring the top 3 reasons to get a private equity firm database. Within the PE industry there are very few resources available which provide information regarding various firms and their subsequent contact information. This shortcoming of information and the painstaking process of gathering contact details have created a need for the creation and development of databases, directories and listings.

Top 3 Private Equity Firm Directory Resources

A common question is how the information provided within private equity firm directory or database resources is gathered. While this is enormous topic to discuss where over 1,000 individual PE or buyout firms are found and how over 18,000 fields of data are filled we have narrowed it down to the top 3 private equity firm directory resources.

Database of Private Equity Firms – What Is Included?

Typically, when purchasing a database or directory filled with listings and information on private equity firms, you receive an assortment of information. This information usually comes with either online access to a database of PE or buyout firms, or even better, the electronic file is sent to you for your own uses. In addition to the database or directory access of information on PE firms, some business will often include bonuses if you choose to purchase their product.

Is There a Free Private Equity Firms List?

Within the private equity industry space there is no comprehensive list or database of PE firms or buyout firms. The value of such a product restricts its ability to be offered at no cost. Unfortunately, there is no free and available resource which allows someone to search for all of the private equity firms located within North America, or even worldwide.

Private Equity Database Due Diligence

Assessing the quality and professional standing of any private equity firm database or directory is important before deciding upon which one you should choose to invest in. The following article is a “must have” checklist for determining which PE firm database you should buy.

Tax Lien Certificate, Tax Lien Deed, Redeemable Tax Lien Deed – What is the Difference?

There are several terms used in tax lien investing. In order to make good choices when investing in tax liens, an investor must understand the difference in the terminology. The most popular terms used are tax lien certificates, tax deeds and redeemable tax deeds.

Private Equity Directory – What to Watch Out For

In accessing a private equity directory, there are many key aspects to both look for and to expect within a high quality resource. A private equity directory provides key information on numerous private equity firms; consequently, by being provided a vast amount of private equity listings you are able to not only save time trying to find those same listings but gain the ability to focus your resources on following leads to increase productivity. Additionally, the provided private equity firm listings allow you to raise capital faster, expand your press release/newsletter reach, and schedule more meetings with potential prospects.

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