How to Use Intermarket Analysis in Your Trading | Full Guide [Mini Series-Part 8]

How to Use Intermarket Analysis in Your Trading | Full Guide [Mini Series-Part 8]

ETFs Vs Mutual Funds What’s the Difference

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We have all heard about exchange traded funds or ETFs and mutual funds that are being sprayed on in the market, however, only a small amount of people actually know the real different between the two. Many people mistake the terms to mean the same thing, but this is not so, and that is why they have different names in the first place. There are a number of differences that set both the terms apart and one must know them before they can judge them.

How to Make Money – How to Create a Cash Flow

As anything in our life, money has its own laws. It is impossible to become rich if you do not know basic rules according to which money is working. The secret of wealth is not in earning money, but in saving and multiplying it.

Passive Online Investment Idea! Perfect!

It just hit me one day! There are all of these online investment sites urging you to invest, invest, invest, or apply for a loan, apply for a loan, apply for a loan! Really, these online investment sites seemed to just appear out of almost nowhere and they also seemed to be everywhere.

How to Invest $100 Online and Develop Consistent Income – Answered!

Yes, you’ll now know how to invest $100 and develop it. Develop it! Those are the magical words.

4 Safe Investments After the Recession

Gold and Silver, Energy, Food and Land are the safest investments after recession. They are high demand, finite (can run out) and are hard to produce.

Will They Ever Learn? Chat Rooms – Running With the Herd, Chasing and Paying Dearly For Rainbows!

There are two regular presences found on the chat rooms; they are dominated by the “living room day traders” whose chances for a loss are stacked against them with the odds playing 1080/1, and they are sprinkled with chat room investors. The first bunch think the stock market is nuts and that its primary purpose is to give each and every one an opportunity to buy and sell quickly and often such, seemingly, as to ensure to a maximum; the American dream the constitutional right to lose one’s money – albeit the losers will say, but the sweet and bitter adrenaline rush of talking big and talking day trade is well worth the pecuniary losses.

Best Municipal Bonds – Wondering Where to Buy Municipal Bonds?

Municipal bonds or munis are higher-risk investments than they used to be. Find out what you need to know if you are looking to buy the best municipal bonds…

Russia Outlook – Low Debt to Support Growth

It is remarkable how Russia’s performance this year looks healthier than that in many other countries, as economic expansion is being driven largely by private money since public spending was not growing y-o-y in early 2010 and is not supposed to grow significantly for the year as a whole. Needless to say, debt service is now becoming a major impediment to growth worldwide. Despite the very negative media coverage that Russia “enjoyed” last year, the country is largely immune from such problems.

Investing in Uncertain Times (Carefully)

Under normal circumstances the recession of 2008-2009 would be completely over now. Unemployment would have returned to somewhere between five and six percent. People who lost their jobs before the bank and financial crisis would have either returned to similar jobs or embarked on new careers, and people would have started thousands of new businesses.

Municipal Bonds Definition – The Information About Municipal Bonds That You Must Know

Municipal bonds are gaining popularity once again since the recent market volatility. Read on to find out more…

Portfolio Optimization With Rising Correlations in Our Evolving World

Over the years, investors have viewed diversification as the one “true free lunch.” However, the correlations and diversification benefits fall apart at the worst possible moments. This seems to be true, as witnessed by the recent financial crisis, which saw well-diversified portfolios decline by -25% or more.

Picking the Right Platform

Spread betting and CFD trading companies seem to have appeared all over the internet in a relatively short period. Where originally there were just a handful of companies offering trading platforms, there are now dozens and whilst many are broadly similar, finding the right platform for you is vital to trading well.

Become an Activist For Your Money

Over 90% of all investment portfolios are down from where they stood at the beginning of 2008. If you are surprised by this piece of trivia you should not be.

Investing Your Capital – Obvious & Hidden Risks

As we have said consistently for many years, we favour passive funds and tracker funds when investing clients’ capital. The evidence for actively managed funds where the Fund Manager stock picks, and perhaps tries to time the markets leading to consistent long term performance above the average is thin on the ground. Especially so when you take into account the higher costs usually associated with active fund managers. So, in our opinion, the decision for canny investors using passive and tracker funds is beyond doubt.

How to Find the Best Types of Investing Opportunities

Everyone wants to know how to find the ideal investment that will earn them money with little to virtually no risk, but is it possible? If you want to know how to find the perfect investing opportunity make sure you read on to learn more.

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