I Made A Free Dip Buying Indicator

I Made A Free Dip Buying Indicator

Static Versus Walk-Forward Curve Fitting

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This article provides an overview of static versus walk-forward curve fitting. Trading software applications generally don’t enable walk-forward adaptation of indicator parameter values by default. By contrast, BioComp Dakota was designed specifically for the construction of trading systems based on walk-forward adaptation. Dakota enables this via the use of swarm adaptation routines that run bar by bar walking-forward.

Strategies With Spread Betting

You cannot make money from spread betting if you don’t have an idea what this activity is about and how you should exploit it. You can just put your money into being lucky, therefore, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Calculating ROI – How to Calculate Return on Investment in 3 Easy Steps

There are different ways to calculate ROI in easy steps. In most cases, you will learn about the formula. However in this article we will describe you the greater scope of ROI calculation. We will describe the formula, the acceptable return rate and verifiable tool to estimate the return target appropriateness.

3 Investment Opportunities For Everyday Investors

The road to real wealth and financial success always involves investing. While having a job is necessary to pay the bills and live your life, those who amass real wealth are always investors of some kind or another.

Investing in Canadian Real Estate

There once was a time where the world did not think much of Canada. It was the backwater of North America, a simple piece of landmass that was known best as the 51st state.

Buy Low and Sell High

Buy stocks low when they are undervalued and sell them at a higher price when they are overvalued. At first glance this seems to make perfect sense. Why wouldn’t an investor want to pay the cheapest price possible for merchandise they are buying and then resell it at a higher price?

Common Wall Street Myths

Individual investors are inundated on a daily basis with news, advice and information. Listen long enough and you’ll start to hear some of the same sayings being preached by different sources. While much of what is said is well-intentioned and seems to make sense, if you analyze the statements beyond face value, it becomes apparent that some of them are fundamentally flawed.

Investment Strategies

All the world is currently faced with a major economical crisis and as hard as all the affected countries are trying to get out of this situation, the only thing they can do for now is to find the best investment strategies. This economical crisis started in 2008 and has not ended yet, but all specialists are waiting for things to evolve in a good direction as soon as possible.

The Thrill of Discovering New Candlestick Trend Reversal Patterns

It’s always satisfying to spot one of the “old standby” Candlestick trend reversal patterns. They appear frequently enough to maintain our interest. It’s even more of a thrill to discover a pattern which is obviously a variation of an old standby, and then to watch it grow and then to see whether, in fact, it has any of the same predictive capability of its parent – and if it does, to give it a name of its own.

Alternative Investments and the Financial Crisis

Is it inflation or deflation that is coming? This is the question that people are asking at the moment.

Asset Management Performance – 5 Tips For Increasing Asset Performance

We all love our assets. Unfortunately very few of us can well manage the asset and evaluate the performance of their managing capabilities. It is essential for everyone to well manage our assets.

Wells Fargo Bank – Money Market Savings Account

Many people prefer to open a money market savings account. These accounts not only provide for easy accessibility of funds but also earn a decent return. Mostly the customers take the precaution of ensuring that the higher rate that is offered is not washed away by way of service fees or time delay in money transfers.

5 CFD Trading Tips – Contracts For Difference

Are you looking into starting out into the CFD Trading market? If you have been, then we have some suggestions on this that may make you very prosperous and fare well. We are going to give you some Contract for Difference (CFD) trading tips.

Make Proper Financial Planning Investment For Any Project

Every individual cares to plunge into some sort of risk in yield a positive result that might not be expected beforehand. But the level of such risk goes a little high that are based on investments and its procurement. This is because there might not be a single person who is not at all engaged in chasing his treasured dream of becoming reluctant about money before an appropriate financial planning investment.

Best Money Market Accounts – Advantages and Disadvantages

Money market accounts are those which are offered by banks, financial institutions and credit unions, for people who wish to put aside their hard earned bucks, as savings. The savings may be kept in these accounts for a period of one year or more. People do not wish to risk their savings and lose their money.

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