NEXT Crypto COLLAPSE Revealed (Battle Lines Drawn Between MAJOR Players)

NEXT Crypto COLLAPSE Revealed (Battle Lines Drawn Between MAJOR Players)

Your Income Affects Your Medicare Part B Premium

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Prior to Medicare Modernization Act in the year 2003, every person paid the same amount when it came to Medicare coverage. However, at the start of 2007, the US Congress allowed Medicare to charge retirees with high income higher premiums.

Basics About How Your Social Security Benefits Are Calculated

When a person retires, one of the forms of income is from Social Security benefits. When it comes to determining the monthly benefits that a person will receive, 2 factors are taken into consideration. These factors are how much money the person earned while he or she was working, and what age did the person select to start receiving the Social Security benefits.

Alternative Investments in Inflation Or Deflation?

Are we heading for inflation? What about deflation? Are you unsure? A lot of people are so it is becoming difficult to know where to put your money. In an environment like this I believe that you should consider alternative investments.

Bank of America – Money Market Savings Rates

These days, money market savings accounts are offering great convenience in terms of both interest and withdrawals. Bank of America is providing the facility of savings account that has high yields provided the required minimum balance is maintained.

How to Select the Right International Investments

Finding ways to make your money work for you has never been more important than in today’s economic climate. With pay rises hard to come by and many people seeing their ability to earn bonuses restricted, using your savings wisely may be the best option for supplementing your income. If you are currently living abroad you may find that international investments, such as offshore funds, provide the best opportunity for high returns.

Compare Savings Account Interest Rates in Australia – Benefits

Are you planning to invest your savings in bank accounts? Read this article and you will find smart ways to invest your savings and earn more interest rates.

What Are the General Laws of Investing?

Everyone should know the basics when it comes to investing. Make sure you have these covered.

All About How and When to Sell Gold

Sell gold to make great profits, as it is very easy to do so. It is a great investment both tangible as well as liquid.

ETF Trend Trading Newsletter – Free ETF Strategy Report

Trading has been a very important part of the world’s economic system for a very long time now. Its roots can be traced back to the earliest of civilization. However, with time the system of trading has evolved into a new phenomenon. Today trading is a dynamic pulse that keeps the market going. Any damage or difference in that pulse is felt by the market as a whole.

Why Buy the Bonds of a Poorly Run, Overleveraged Government?

With each tremor in the national and international economy, there is a rush to buy U.S. Government Bonds. This may seem wise at a certain level, but on balance I don’t think so.

Contracts for Difference – An Introduction

As the current market stands, many day traders and amateur traders are opting to make their way into the CFD trading market. In case you are wondering what exactly that is, the abbreviations stand for Contract for Difference. This type of trading is an arrangement between two individuals, whom wish to exchange the difference between the opening price and the closing price of the contract; it is then multiplied by the number of shares, calculated at the close of the contract.

Real Estate Investment Vs Stock Market Investment

Stock market and real estate, both are investment options available to choose from. Each has advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

Make Money With Low-Risk Investments

A novice investor would get baffled with the research and market analysis, numbers or choosing from an array of investment options. To begin with, it would be wise to invest in low-risk, moderate yield and short term options. The dividends earned can be re-invested in other options later.

Laddering CDs For the Best Interest Rate

Laddering would mean investing money in purchasing different Certificates of Deposit, which matures at different times. In simpler words, it would mean keeping the eggs in different baskets. This evens out heavy loss if the interest rates in market fall or the deposit’s maturity does not coincide with good market performance.

How is Gold Doing These Days?

Given the economic crisis, rapid changes in currency values and the desire of international powerful states like China to abandon the dollar as the reserve currency, gold is a safe refuge for wealth preservation. Generally, when we think of gold jewelry automatically think, a falling market, the economic crisis. But gold has many uses, being used to build satellites, renewable energy industry solar wind, in building computers and laser technology due to its unique qualities.

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