Start The New Trading Year On The Right Foot | Weekly Market Forecast

Start The New Trading Year On The Right Foot | Weekly Market Forecast

How to Get a Seller to Accept Your Offer and Get the Property Under Contract

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Have you ever tried to sell something? Have you ever tried to sell something that required you to spend a great sum of money just to get it sold? A lot of sellers of large multi-million dollar properties are in this very position.

How to Know a Lease is Really a Lease

So you’re going through the due diligence of purchasing some commercial real estate and you’re verifying all the leases. You have pieces of paper that are signed and dated with social security numbers, employment info, background checks…

How to Know If the Bank Will Find Your Commercial Real Estate Deal Attractive Or Not

The single best way to know how attractive your commercial real estate deal will be to the bank is to know and understand the current debt service coverage ratio. In other words, if you took a snapshot of the current rental income of your subject property, the bank wants to know what the ratio is between that amount vs. the amount that you’ll need to be paying them every month.

How to Know Your Bank Interest Rate When Financing Commercial Real Estate

When making offers on commercial real estate it is imperative that you know what your interest rate is likely to be as your payments on your loan (debt service) will eat up most of your cash flow. Because of this, it is super important to know beforehand what sort of interest you will be paying. Granted, there are several factors at play in making this determination as the bank will assess the value of the property, the financial strength and credit worthiness of the guarantor for the loan, and several other parameters that banks love to keep a mystery.

Investments in Share Market Made Simpler

Today everybody is talking about share markets and how time is ripe to make your investments. The dynamic changes in global economy have facilitated changes into the existing system, which has led people to believe that investments made now will reap rich long term dividends. It has encouraged many first time investors and drawn them towards share markets.

Performing Due Diligence on Commercial Properties by Using Average Per Unit Expenses Numbers

How would you like to make your due diligence efforts substantially easier while also reducing risk? I am about to give you a tip that will save you from a massive amount of frustration and stop you from making rookie mistakes. Here’s the key: Always use average per unit expense numbers from third party property management companies.

Properly Understanding Capitalization Rates

Many real estate investors determine the value of an income property by using the capitalization rate, although it is a simple computation, it is very misused! Many people quote deals based on the cap rate by taking the yearly Net Operating Income (NOI), and dividing it by the sales price…

The Effect of Net Operating Income on Commercial Real Estate Valuation

Smart owners and managers of commercial real estate keep a very close eye on the net operating income of their properties because of the high importance that it plays in the direct valuation of their properties. Being that the most common appraisal method is the “income approach”, higher net operating incomes equals higher property values. The reverse is also true.

How to Use Trends to Make Smart Real Estate Investment Decisions

How much sense does it make to go out and borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) to buy a property that has been going down in value over the last three years? The National Association of Realtors wants everyone to believe that “now is the perfect time to buy”. Surely prices can’t keep going down, right?

Online Investing – Tips for Locating Reputable Investing Firms

Online investing has become a popular tool for both seasoned and newbie investors. Most of the major investment companies now offer investors the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade all types of investment products from the comfort of home.

Three Vital Currency Trading Secrets

  It is now very easy to get distracted as a result of the present advancement in technology as evident in the current information overload which ordinarily is capable of placing you in a situation in which you no longer place value in your strategies. In fact, you are likely going to abandon your so called trading method in the face of super, readily available information.

Tips to Get Great Advice From Financial and Investment Experts

For anyone who wants to get ahead in life, finding a good company which will be able to guide them through the monetary world is paramount if disasters are to be avoided. Of course, there are many of these companies around but for specific areas, try looking up ‘financial advisor Aurora Colorado’ or ‘investment advisors Greenwood Village Colorado’ on the web to understand which ones may be suitable.

Citibank Savings Account Interest Rate – How to Find the Best Rates

Citibank is one of the leading banks in the United States of America. It offers a lot of financial investment products for the investors.

Compare 5 Year CD Rates – How to the Find Best Rates?

There are various banks in the United States of America that offers Certificates of Deposit as an investment option for the investors. You have to choose the deposit term which would be suitable for you. If you want to invest in 5 year CD, then you have to compare the various CD rates offered by the banks and then have to invest.

Women & Money – “How Women Can Grab the Financial Bull by the Balls”

There are some women who wear the financial pants in their family and a lot of them do a very good job with it. At the same time, many many more women want to be more “tuned in” when it comes to the family finances but don’t get involved because they don’t know where to start, what their options are, or are afraid of stepping across gender lines when they aren’t confident in their knowledge.

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