Trading Concepts You Need To Know [Mini-Series Key Takeaways]

Trading Concepts You Need To Know [Mini-Series Key Takeaways]

Stock Market Investing – Beginners Guide

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It is with mixed blessings and a heart of gratitude to God Almighty that I introduce you to the stock market; where the rich make their millions. Once again, you are welcome. Investment is very important in the life of every human who wants to be balanced in life; retire earlier than expected, own a fortune etc.

The Folly of Digital Money, the Lasting Value of Gold

Instead of good old-fashioned gold-backed dollars or gold coins deposited in a bank, person to person, our new digital money is added, subtracted and transferred by some anonymous someone tapping a few keys on a keyboard. And by a digital network doing its thing. Do you really want your life-savings dependent on digits?

Seven Logical Tips to Help You Save Money When Investing

This article provides seven tips to help you save money when investing. Whether you are a day trader or invest as a hobbie, the tips will make sure you keep more money in your pocket, and will help to ensure you don’t make mistakes and lose money.

Share Trading on the Internet

There are numerous methods in stock trading but the most practical and convenient way is share trading on the internet. It is relatively easy to learn and practice, and also gives you more leeway on your decisions as your broker only follows your instructions on buying and selling shares in what is called execution only type of stock brokerage. In this kind of trading, you will have things done your way.

Buy Shares Online

It is actually very easy to learn the techniques in buying shares online, in contrast to what most people think. Online share trading is widely gaining popularity because it is convenient, practical, inexpensive and quick. Because of these reasons, an online share trader can save time and money, which in turn, he can use to buy additional shares.

Seven Steps to Learn Options Trading

How can you go about learning options trading? At first, the world of options looks complex and difficult. There is a lot of hype about how insanely profitable options trading is, and how ridiculously dangerous it is.

Citibank Singapore Money Market Account Interest Rate – How to Get the Best Rates?

Do you want to earn more interest rates for your savings? Have you heard about money market accounts? Read further to know more on Money Market Accounts.

Why Diversification is So Important For Investing

You must never park all your investments in just one stock and no other stock in the market. An experienced player would always spread out their investments among a mix range of stocks to minimize the risk to their portfolio on a bad day in the stock exchange.

Learn More About Financial Spread Betting

More and more people are interested with Financial Spread Betting. Most of them seem to be successful in this betting field however there are still others who don’t get to profit that much from this.

Best CD Rates in California Banks in 2010 – Benefits of Investing

Do you want to get more returns by investing in certificate of deposits? You should spend some time by analyzing the various banks. There are many famous banks in California.

Making Your Best Shot With an Angel Investor

What is angel investing anyway? It’s simple – it’s when individual people with perhaps a million dollars to invest, will band together to chip in and help a private entrepreneur out; even when that person isn’t a member of anyone’s family.

Investment Decisions Under Inflation

A common problem, which complicates the practical investment decision-making, is inflation. The rule of the game is, as we shall emphasize in the flowing discussions, to be consistent in treating inflation in the cash flows and the discount rate.

CD Investment! Or Multiple CD Investment!

Invest in a CD! Have your money still available for you to use!

Investment Timing and Duration

A firm evaluates a number of investment projects every year. In the absence of a capital constraint, it will undertake all those projects, which have positive net present values and reject those, which have negative net present values.

Investing Money For Beginners

Many people are interested in investing money to help grow their current assets-but how do you get started if you’re brand new and clueless? That’s the question a lot of people are asking, and fortunately it’s easier than you might think.

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