Warren Buffett: Don’t Follow the Crowd

Warren Buffett: Don't Follow the Crowd

Asset Allocation in a Turbulent Economy

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Investing during a turbulent economy can be really tricky. Most of the economic trends during and immediately after a recession can be counterintuitive and therefore investors need to tread with care. You would not want to lose money investing, because tough economic times require even more security when it comes to money. The bad news is, the usual safe investments, such as bonds, fetch very little interest. Today, in the US, the interest rates are at a historic low and investors really cannot make good money investing in the bond market.

Best Investments in a Down Economy

A down economy often translates to poor investment and return opportunities for business owners. This gave birth to the notion that it is unwise to invest during a recession.

Investing in Bonds 101

Investing may be too big a word especially for beginners, but it should not be a problem if one is really prepared to venture into it. Like any kind of endeavor that people get into, investing has its risks. Unless you don’t get the right information you might end up losing everything you have invested in.

Tips To Get Necessary Advice On Long Term Financial Matters

This article highlights the use of great financial advisors to help anyone to plan for their future. It also shows that independent advisors are better since they do not push just one or two products.

Discover How You Can Make Money Trading Stocks With The Right Strategy!

How can I make lots of money from trading stocks? As many times as people ask me this, it’s obvious that everybody investing in stocks likes to earn a profit! Below I’ll share a strong tip with you, on a smart strategy to earn a profit as a stock market investor.

Generation X – Top 5 Financial Tips

Gen X is also known as the “baby bust” generation and is sandwiched in between the massive baby boomers and their offspring, the echo boomer generation (sometimes known as gen Y). As a generation X myself, I find it funny when I look back at my high school years and the few wild things I remember like “hair” bands, muscle cars, leg warmers, walkman’s, MTV and using tin foil to steal the pay per view channels. Back then the big debate was VHS versus Beta and if you knew the DOS operating system.

Discover the Profitable Way to Invest In Micro Cap Stocks

Everyone wants to find a penny stocks list or other financial choices that goes from a few cents to a few dollars or more a share. What if you had a ton of shares? What about 100,000 shares? Not a bad predicament to be in, huh?

A Non-Correlated Portfolio – The Path to True Diversification

Asset correlation is a pretty abstract concept to most investors, but in simple terms, it’s a method which is used to describe how much two different asset classes (like stocks and bonds) move in the same or opposite direction to each other. In some cases, when one is going down, another is going up, and vice-versa. There’s actually an industry-wide statistical calculation that’s used to measure the correlation between individual asset classes; that number is between -1 and 1.

Sane Investing Through Portfolio Diversification

If there’s one timeless investing principal that trumps all others, diversification certainly ranks up there right at the top. Ask 100 people on the street to describe what diversification means to them and you’ll probably get 100 different answers. We all interpret things slightly differently, which is why it’s important to lay down some clear definitions up front so we’re all on the same page.

Is It Possible to Over-Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

Diversification is like ice cream: it’s good, but only in reasonable quantities! Many individual (and institutional) investors get caught in the trap of building such a well-diversified portfolio – in order to help themselves sleep better at night or to please their clients – that they spread things out so much to the point where it can hurt them rather than help them.

Greed – Every Investor’s Nemesis

There’s a “nemesis” every investor has to deal with at some point. The kind of nemesis I’m referring to here can be described in one word: GREED. Learn how to keep your greed in check.

IPO – How Public Company Stock Is Created

Most people own stock. We hear the term “IPO” in the financial news all the time. But the process of creating a public stock is often a mystery – even to companies that are contemplating a public offering. Let’s pull back the curtain and look at the process of what goes on at an investment bank as it executes an initial public offering.

Methods Of Getting Rich Slowly – The Sound Principles Of Investment Take Some Time To Pay Off

Every person has a dream of searching that great opportunity for investment which can make him a millionaire overnight. However, with just very few exceptions, these opportunities in the end just turn out to be dreams. Getting acquainted about the principles of the investment would seem like an overwhelming topic to tackle, but understanding some basics would surely help you in avoiding those grave mistakes.

How Do Annuities Make Money?

Learn how annuities work and how they make money: They are investments that are offered typically by insurance companies and are similar to life insurance. However, the payout structure is in the opposite order. To better understand what an annuity is we will first look at how life insurance works.

The Five Keys to Successful Investing

We all have dreams of becoming successful investors and then enjoy the fruits of our success from the money we earn from our ventures. So it fairly ok for you to take requisite steps to safeguard your hard earned money when you venture out to make your investments in the market. Firstly, you must make up your mind that you are here to invest for a long duration for making profits.

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